Florence Stranded In Temporary Shelter After Housing Project Stalls

In May 2010, Florence Wakhu Wamaya, a 67-year-old mother of two sons in Kibera Slums. Packed her belongings onto a green government truck. Together with 537 other households, she was moved to a new location at 42(Near showground in Kibera) as her house and others of her Neighbours were demolished. In moving to 42, Florenc-Wakhu Wamaya also lost her customers base for her small grocery business, she said. As she waited for the new houses in Kibera to be completed. She continued contributing to a saving fund that had been set up by the government as a form of mortgage for the houses. She had been told that a two-bedroom apartment would be available for her family once the construction is finished. Seven years later, the houses were finally ready, but the list of the people to be moved was realized. Florence Wakhu Wamaya and her son's name were not on it. The majority of the people at the temporary sit were relocated to the new building, which now stood in a place of the old, mud-walled settlement. Florence Wakhu Wamaya said she was not given any explanation as to why she and many others –Florence-Wakhu-Wamaya estimates 200 families were not given houses. But she has drawn her own conclusion.

“The process was corrupted by the officials and houses(were)sold out to people who were not from Kibera. "she said.